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¡¡Rotor dynamic balancing,equipped with SKF bearing,long service life.

¡¡Equipped with toothed plate,with two hits at the bottom of the plate,high production efficiency.

¡¡Rotor can rotate,prolong the service life of the hammer.

¡¡Quick press screen clamping mechanism,convenient and quick replacement,reliable pressure screen.

¡¡Safety interlock device to ensure the operation of motor cannot start when the door is open.

¡¡It provided with a discharging outlet,can be discharged into grinding chamber of metal impurities.

¡¡Gap between the rotor and the hammer can be adjusted,which can be adapted to livestock and poultry feed and aqua feed products.



Main power (Kw)

Sieve diameter£¨mm£©



SFSP132¡Á36 75/90/110 ¡Ó2.5-¡Ó3.0 12-22 Raw materials for the Northeast drying

corn moisture <=13%

SFSP132¡Á50 110/132/160 ¡Ó2.5-¡Ó3.0 22-30
SFSP132¡Á75 200/220/250 ¡Ó2.5-¡Ó3.0 36-45
SFSP132¡Á102 250/315/355 ¡Ó2.5-¡Ó3.0 46-65