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Transformation and upgrade

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Pelletmill transformation and upgrade

Pelletmill 600 We have changed from 3 rollers to 2 rollers

Three rollers in pelletmill for extrusion zone is more than a two roller in extrusion zone,more roller pressure have,less balanced is the result (pressure and more distribution is more uneven),resulting in particle shape different lengths,cutting rough,crack in particles,after been changed to 2 roller-type particle quality were significantly improved.

Case:Tongwei Group in total 25 companies,Hefeng Animal Husbandry in total 5 companies,BuEn Group in total 10 companies,Tiancheng Technology in total 2 companies,Yantai Dale,etc.

420 pelletmill machine performance increase

Conclusion: pelletmill machine feeding mechanism improve,production capacity increase in 20%

1210A pellet mill ring die-fixed and upgraded

1210A pelletmill machine using a clamping ring and clamping ring mode,due to the clamping ring a wearing part,high costs,long decline in reliability,prone to broken bolt cracking modes,improved cone connection,the use low cost,stable and reliable.

Extruder transformation and upgrade

Effect after modification

Case:Ronglai corn extruder upgrade to general type extruder for rice,corn,soya.

Easthope upgrade TPH200 extruder.The fixed bolt for extruder chamber was changed to anchor type,the cutting device was changed to hanging type,easy operation;Screws, pressure ring upgrade to increase the capacity of corn extrusion 40% compared with the capacity before modification,electricity consumption of per ton materials decrease 40%.

Hammermill drive or transmission improvement

Old gear-driven structure:Bakelite gear is easy to be broken,big noise,not stable and can¡¯t be used anymore when roller wearing

New structure: lower noise,stable running,not limited to roller wearing times,solve the problems of old structure completely.

Cooler performance and improvement

Case:ShouNong Group

Cooler inequality prevailing in cooler layer,height difference>=0.5m,granular temperature and moisture have large deviation,use smooth mechanism,smoothing surface of the material,temperature and moisture cooling is more uniform.

Case:Tongwei Group

Fence replacement:due the cooler fence have been use for long time so there were corrosion deformation,resulting in leakage of material to replace the fence.

Case:Linyi Fuda

Structure modification:old cooler tetragonal structure,there is an obvious difference between the material moisture and the middle of the four corners,the coling moisture is more uniform.

Case:Anhui Zhengda Dayuan

Cooler structure modification:old cooler tetragonal structure,heightening effective volume is small,the cooling effect is not ideal.Increase the height of the structure,increase the volume of the tank, can significantly solve the problem of high moisture content of the particulate material.

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