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¡¡¡¡As a China-Germany joint adventure in feed machinery industry, Jiangsu Speed Machinery Co., Ltd.  Were established in 2008, is specialized in manufacture spare parts  complete feed machinery. The current product scope covers hammer mill, mixer, extruder, pellet mill, conditioner, etc. and spare parts including pellet dies, rollers, hammer bits, screens, extruder screws, etc. Due our constant effort, we developed new design, we have excellent technician & top quality, and quick-response-service. Jiangsu Speed Machinery Co., Ltd. have good recognition and good reputation by customers not only in China but also abroad. Jiangsu Speed Machinery Co., Ltd.  is not only dedicated to provide high-quality spare parts & machinery and reliable service to customers, but also aims to be the professional partner who can provide technical solutions, and production & management suggestions and ideas.