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Fine-grinding hammermill

¡¡Grinding system is efficient and reasonable,the current fluctuation is not more than 10%.

¡¡Optimized design of hammer blade and inlet system,the capacity increase more than 20%.

¡¡New adjustable pressure plate,effectively destroying materials circulation

¡¡Super wide crushing,optimization or hammer arrangement,micro grinding is higher and efficient.

¡¡The rotor can work in reverse direction(positive and negative work),and the hammer piece can have long service life

¡¡Equipped with high precision dynamic balancing of rotor,small vibration,low noise

¡¡Movable operating door and linkage type press screening mechanism,operation and maintenance is more convenient.

¡¡Equipped with a safety interlock device,to protect the personal safety.

¡¡Fine-Grinding Hammermill

Main power (Kw)

Sieve diameter£¨mm£©



SWFP66¡Á60 55/75 ¡Ó1.0-¡Ó1.5 3-8.5

Raw materials for the Northeast drying
corn moisture <=13%

SWFP66¡Á80 90/110 ¡Ó1.0-¡Ó1.5 5-12.5
SWFP66¡Á100 132/160 ¡Ó1.0-¡Ó1.5 7-18
SWFP66¡Á125 200/220/250 ¡Ó1.0-¡Ó1.5 11-25