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Feed industry big reshuffle feed companies should take the initiative to attack


"From the macro situation, the development of China feed industry is from the expansion of the number of the past, to the quality and efficiency of change, from the feed to feed the country to a steady state." China Feed Industry Association, director of the information center, said Yan Yan, a lot of feed companies accustomed to the rapid growth of the past, in the low speed growth and even the environment does not grow, is very confused. At present, the feed enterprises to reflect the problems, mainly due to the breeding industry fluctuations, the epidemic situation is complex, high raw material prices, the new industry policy regulation and control effect caused by the comprehensive factors. Feed companies can not avoid this change, can only choose the initiative to deal with.

"Found in this survey, the total output of some feed enterprises did not change much, but the talent structure, product structure, profit growth has made the adjustment, this is a good phenomenon." Yan Yan said.

Now feed companies have begun to have the transformation of the actual action, ideas are from the original emphasis on marketing to pay more attention to customer service, user value." Xiao Zule believes that in the same path, the key lies in the competition, a judgment of the future is accurate, the two is whether to identify the needs of consumers, three internal conditions, including human resources, management and technology etc..

"In general, in the new technology, the new model appears, there may be a number of old enterprises die." But Xiao Zule insisted that the old enterprises can also be old and solid, new vitality, "is not a long time feed enterprises is backward, lonely enterprise. An enterprise live longer, more experienced, this is the greatest advantage. Live in the moment, the traditional feed companies need to have a strong sense of crisis, to seize the opportunity to adjust the industry, in the competitive landscape for a better position to go."

Interestingly, each feed enterprise is very inconsistent with the choice of the adjustment strategy. For example, the sea resolutely implement the service marketing strategy, highlight the feed products competitiveness, speed up the layout of foreign markets in emerging markets; Guangdong development across the horn sounded, a leading position in the consolidation of high-grade aquatic feed at the same time, vigorously develop the freshwater fish feed, to borrow the amount of fast; Jiangmen dbao choose actively expanding in duck the industrial chain, to build a one-stop development of duck industry chain; the stars every day began to pay attention to the financial guarantee operation, to establish close contact with the industry; DaBeiNong intends to support the market, from the past few years, the expansion trend will enter into a strategic adjustment period; Jin Xinnong consultancy for the reform of marketing model. At the same time to investment funds and other means to pig breeding business alliance, to achieve synergies; KONDARL established to modern agriculture as the core strategy, The next five years will continue to invest 15 billion, to expand the agricultural sector......

Chen Chenxi said, the enterprise always will have a lot of technology, talent, management problems to solve, such as hard labor, management is relatively extensive, large fluctuations in raw materials, weather disasters, aquaculture disease complex, can only continue to solve in the process of development. Resolved, the enterprise will rise to another level. So, the so-called transformation and upgrading, in fact, is not only a way, is not a step in place.

He will feed enterprise transformation to do summed four: first, continue to strengthen the competitiveness of the existing system construction; second, the use of advanced management tools to improve business processes; third, self revolution by the spirit of the Internet; fourth, business model innovation, the establishment of a new business.

In the face of fierce competition in the market, whether it is changing the thinking or looking for new power, Chen Chenxi believes feed companies need to quickly action, because the time will not wait for any enterprise.