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Aquatic feed pellet mill

¡¡Multi layer lengthened tube structure,effective volume

¡¡Blade configuration optimization,increase mixing effect,increase effectively the filling degree

¡¡Combined high and low speed conditioning and can be able to put small oil materials together.

¡¡Low residue,uniform discharge,ensure stability granulation of the particles

¡¡Drive system use a strong belt drive,stable operation,reliable

¡¡Feeder,conditioner and pelletmill machine door uses the stainless steel material

¡¡Automatic pneumatic discharging machanism,overload protection,safely operation

¡¡Ring die is fixed form,bolt type and hoop type can be choose.

¡¡Aquatic feed pellet mill


Main power (Kw)

Production T/h

Ring die inner diameter (mm)

Number of roller

Particle size (mm)


SZLH350¢ò 30¡Á2 1-4 350 2 ¡Ó2-¡Ó10  
SZLH420¢ò 45/55¡Á2 2-6 420 2 ¡Ó2-¡Ó10  
SZLH520¢ò 55/75¡Á2 3-10 520 2 ¡Ó2-¡Ó10  
SZLH630¢ò 90/110¡Á2 5-15 630 2 ¡Ó2-¡Ó10  
SZLH800¢ò 132/160¡Á2 8-20 800 2 ¡Ó2-¡Ó10  
SZLH935¢ò 180/200¡Á2 10-30 935 2 ¡Ó2-¡Ó10