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¡¡Suitable for small scale feed,bio chemical,brewing raw materials crushing.

¡¡Optimized hammer pieces arrangement,adjustable hammer gap between the hammer,satisfy grinding requirements.

¡¡Dynamic rotor balancing,running more stable,low noise.

¡¡Movable door,linkage type press screen mechanism,operation is more convenient.

¡¡Manual direction control,more reliable.

¡¡It can work in reverse rotor,longer consumable life.

¡¡Flexibility can be equipped with a variety of types of feeder.


Host power£¨Kw£©

Sieve diameter£¨mm£©



SFSP56¡Á40 30/37 ¡Ó2.5-¡Ó3.0 3-4 Raw materials for the Northeast drying

corn moisture <=13%

SFSP56¡Á60 45/55 ¡Ó2.5-¡Ó3.0 5-6