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Ultra fine pulverizer

¡¡Optimization of convex cover,design can effectively reduce the energy consumption of material resistance.

¡¡Centrifugal air separator is internal,compact structure,use small floor area

¡¡Fineness of grinding can be adjusted (60-200mesh),sieve rate up to 99.9%

¡¡Special wear-resistant alloy blades,grinding efficiency is higher,longer life service

¡¡Wind feeding powder,automatically removal stones, iron removal,reduce the equipment failure probability.

¡¡Split grinding disc type,convenient and easy maintenance,low cost

¡¡Hydraulic device,which makes maintenance convenient and fast.

¡¡Ultra fine pulverizer

Main power (Kw)

Power rating (Kw)

Feeding power (Kw)



SWFL110 110 11 1.5 2.5-4  
SWFL130 132 15 1.5 4-5  
SWFL150 160 18.5 1.5 5-8