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Win in the cost - profit era of feed processing enterprises leading strategy


Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, China feed processing enterprises in the management of the level of rapid development and improvement, but also the introduction and application of a large number of advanced experience and methods. However, with the accelerated process of globalization, the market competition is increasingly fierce, at present, the profit of feed processing enterprises is becoming thinner and thinner. Some operators even issued such a feeling: "to earn a profit of selling Chinese cabbage, the heart is the heart of selling white powder", we can see that the efficiency of the efficiency of today, we are so important.

According to the 80/20 principle, feed processing equipment, the comprehensive efficiency of granulator (moving rate and utilization rate) is the biggest influence on the processing cost of feed. From the following several aspects of granulating machine is how to influence the processing cost of feed.

Influence of the phenomenon: when output fell more than 30% years before the first operation of the particle particle machine; machine motor ammeter pointer range is more than 10A (particle machine can not reach full load, only less than full load following range of values); sense of steam and water sensitive abnormal particle machine, easily slipping block machine each block at a time, starting at full load, at least 30 minutes; particle machine vibration and noise are higher than before.

The reason: the heart part granulator is the rotor system, power belt or gear transmission to the rotor system through a triangle belt or a synchronous gear, the system drives the rotating ring die granulating work. The length of the particle machine depends on the life of the rotor system, good lubrication can extend the bearing failure time, the general requirements of each class must be a lubrication of the rotor system. In the premise of good lubrication, there will be 3 years after the yield decreased year by year, vibration and fluctuation of current operation phenomenon of granulating machine, the main reason is that the normal bearing wear caused clearance becomes larger, so the rotor fixed ring die on the spindle rotation induced by swing.

Solution: according to the diagram shown a method for detection of bearing clearance, bearing the new dial indicator should be in 0.03mm - 0.08mm range, when the dial indicator is over 0.25mm, you need to replace the rotor bearing (recommended SKF bearing).