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The Internet has brought five changes to feed


Recently, the topic of the use of the Internet thinking in the feed industry is fire! Thinking of the Internet is simple, efficient, fast, reputation! Some media talking about feed enterprises how to use the Internet thinking? Some of the media in the Internet thinking to refute feed industry is a kind of malfunction mechanically. What is the Internet thinking? I think not just a few words summed up by Lei Jun. In silence, the Internet is profoundly changing the feed industry China. Internet thinking is more a way of thinking, the Internet thinking is more to feed enterprise awareness and evaluation criteria of change. The impact of the Internet on the feed industry has been deeply entrenched, if the company can not keep up with the pace of development of the Internet era, destined to be eliminated.

1 Internet to change the right to know the feed business

Monopoly and opaque information has been the basic support of feed industry of the traditional business model, because the product price information opaque, feed companies do not know the cost of the product, so there are a lot of enterprises can take the profits mode, especially to the dealers great profit space, this is the key to support dealer to conquer the world for the enterprise. It is based on information opaque, a lot of upstream enterprises, especially feed and veterinary enterprises put the main focus on the development of the dealer who, while ignoring the needs of the end user.

Electronic commerce in the feed industry will allow users to get more information on the right to know. Return to the essence of the product value is the Internet to feed business thinking of the first shift. Feed users through the Internet to learn more about product price information, they will make a profound impact on the purchase of product decisions. At present, many feed customers to buy things before go to the Taobao platform and trading platform interest parity, or to the forum, QQ group asked the price, the electronic commerce let feed customers have more right to know of the product, this behavior will have a big impact on the enterprise marketing, the Internet will speed up the upstream enterprises profiteering era is over.

2 Internet to feed enterprise data thinking

Before a lot of feed enterprises had done comparative experiments, contrast is more chicken feed salesman to sell products, assist the farm boss completed. Farming as a relatively extensive mode of production, a lot of feed enterprises in the production, ignoring the importance of the data. Internet thinking there is a data thinking, it is interpreted as a large multimedia data. Big data requires a lot of technology and server accumulation, the benefits of big data is also very slow, only the huge amount of users of the Internet Co will be the big data as an important strategy. Here comes the data thinking is more on the results of the judgment criterion, which is the beginning of the feed enterprise data thinking. Feed companies have thinking data, learn to use data to evaluate the product, the impact on the upper reaches of the enterprise. In the past a long time, companies are relying on the brand to fight the world, the brand is big, high visibility, is a good product, advertising is the preferred way of marketing companies. The feed companies have data thinking, product price is the core of the product is good or bad evaluation indicators. The small and medium-sized enterprise, has brought the new gospel, and strive to their products may well, brand awareness is not enough, but the price is good enough, the customer will trust you, your choice, and even help you spread.

3 participant Internet is the elimination of intermediate dealers

The development of Internet and electronic commerce, will gradually eliminate the middle channel. Let the traditional enterprises were forced to transition, in the past we evaluated the size of a company, the key is to look at the size of the company staff, the number of companies, is a big company. Now, the evaluation of a company is good or bad, more is to see the output per capita. Human sea tactics, the extensive distribution of the dealer sales model, has been unable to bring new growth in traditional enterprises, especially the growth of efficiency. Because the middle channel power is being weakened. For example, feed dealers in the entire sales process, do 3 things: for the enterprise warehouse and the last 1 kilometers distribution; 2, credit and payment settlement; 3, feed processing and customer service service. With the development of electronic commerce, the first service can be fully borne by the professional third party logistics company, we negotiate with the logistics company, do not need to spend too much money, you can ensure that any one farm to the country. Electronic commerce and logistics will be developed revolutionary of dealers, if small rural retail eliminated a large number of medium-sized farms, online shopping habits, there may be numerous small dealers to the collapse of the next few years.