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Speed machinery, Beijing VIV exhibition machinery wonderful debut


 Chinese VIV (VIV) on 2014.9.23-25 day was held in the Beijing International Exhibition Center Chinese. The exhibition attracted from the United States, France, Australia, Belgium and other more than and 20 countries and regions of enterprises exhibitors, exhibition focused on the animal husbandry industry in recent years, high-tech products. Has been committed to feed machinery equipment and accessories to provide the latest technology and equipment and accessories company, thought to carry the latest research for the majority of customers and friends at home and abroad of the grand debut in this exhibition, attracted numerous merchants eyeball.

The thinking, booth popularity, good effect, is the previous show in one of the largest foreign. Customers generally on the Si Bader company feed machinery and equipment and accessories are very interested in, have to obtain product samples and relevant technical data, many businessmen took the camera products they love to take.

Just 3 days of fairs, shows the thinking from various research and technology, company, manufacturing, enterprise culture and other aspects of the new features, enhance the thinking, brand image, promote further understanding and trust of customers, enhance the status of advanced thinking, feed machinery equipment and accessories in the market at home and abroad the.